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So that says it all.

  • Eintlik is die grootste deel van die storie hartseer en onaangenaam en wreed.

  • Ek wonder of die mense besef jy is iemand se ma? Daardie is die persoon wat die vuurhoutjie getrek, in die droë gras gegooi en gekyk het hoe die vuur iemand anders se lewe verwoes.

  • Our thoughts are with you and your family.


  • This is actually so stupid… But of course, people always have to go the extra mile to humiliate someone else just to get the spotlight off of themselves… Everybody is acting all so inoccent…! My old semi-conservative Afrikaans teacher was photographed waaaay back in 1996 drinking a beer in a strip bar and the photo was published in Scope Magazine in an article about strippers, he laughed it off and said it was some oomie who looked like him but the Nudie bar was about 500 metres walking distance from the school.

  • So what can we learn from this? Aug 27, 2016 at 2:19 pm Shocking that someone would be so cruel to post this all over the net.

  • It was an honest mistake that turned out to be the most humiliating,disrespectful and unnecessary! It taps into our dark sadistic fantasies.

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